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<b>Elixir GOTO Night: Scaling For (Almost) Free<br>with Aaron Seigo, Kolab Systems AG</B><br>March 28, 2017

Elixir GOTO Night: Scaling For (Almost) Free
with Aaron Seigo, Kolab Systems AG

March 28, 2017

Free of charge


We are happy to announce our 2nd Elixir GOTO Night taking place on March 28! 

Talk: Scaling For (Almost) Free 

Elixir's VM (BEAM) was designed for scaling through concurrency. It achieves this by treating individual units of execution as separate "processes" within the VM that coordinate by exchanging messages. This is often referred to as the Actor model, and opens the door to developing robust, scalable applications without the developer having to deal with the usual hurdles of locking, syncronization, etc. 

In this presentation, we will look at: how Elixir processes work, both in theory and in practice (with Phoenix Framework as a prime example); best practices for how to use them in your own applications; and how to gain insight into your application's moving parts at runtime with tools such as Observer.

Speaker: Aaron Seigo, Kolab Systems AG 

Aaron Seigo is a Canadian software developer and free software geek with nearly 25 years of industry experience. He has worked at startups, Fortune 500s, and in the public sector; has led global non-profits; and been a significant participant in the Free software world over the last 15+ years, founding and leading projects such as KDE Plasma. Aaron has spoken around the world at tech conferences; on numerous podcast, radio and TV shows, and appeared regularly in various periodicals. These days he serves as CTO of Kolab Systems in Zurich, Switzerland, where he is able to indulge his passions for startup culture, open source software, and cutting edge technology. 

Q&A Lean Coffee

At our agile GOTO Nights we usually have an interactive Q/A where everyone is engaged in asking questions, prioritising them, and discussing the answers. All with a moderator who is the expert on the topic who can spike the discussion and add expert knowledge. We will try this out here as well! 


18:00 Welcome by GOTO Academy  
18:05 Talk by Aaron Seigo  
19:00 Break + Apero  
19:20 Q&A Lean Coffee style  
20:00 Networking + Open end


Date Tuesday, March 28. 2017
Time 18:00 / 6pm
Host Simplificator, Pfingstweidstrasse 6 Zurich, Zürich
Cost Free of charge – refreshments included
Speaker Aaron Seigo, Kolab Systems AG
Cancellation Please make sure to cancel your attendance in case you cannot come so that we do not spend more money on food+drinks than necessary. Thank you.


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