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<b>Advanced Scrum Product Owner Workshop<br>with Klaus Bucka Lassen</b><br>Sep. 21-22, 2017

Advanced Scrum Product Owner Workshop
with Klaus Bucka Lassen

Sep. 21-22, 2017

CHF 1,750.00


Participate in a powerful product owner day packed with background information, exercises, tips and tricks, and product owner do's and don'ts.

This is not a classic product owner course where we will talk about boring basics, but two days where experienced product owners get together and share the war stories under the facilitation of Klaus Bucka-Lassen, a senior agile coach and trainer who regularly is either a product owner himself (most recently as Chief Product Owner @ Swisscom) or coaches product owners and executive boards across all industries in how to become more agile.

Klaus has co-trained Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner courses with Jeff Sutherland, Joe Justice, and several other Certified Scrum Trainers more than 20 times over the past 7 years. You will leave this workshop with both inspiration and a refilled tool bag which you can use in your day-to-day job as a product owner or coach of product owners.

Product Owners and people who regularly are dealing with product owners (like ScrumMasters but basically every team member who wants to help writing better stories, be involved in defining the vision, etc.). This is an advanced class. Participants are expected to have both theoretical but also practical experience with Product Ownership and Scrum. We trust you will bring war stories and a bunch of product owner challenges from your own experience, which we then intend to crush together in a fun and exhilarating workshop.

Max. 16 participants. First come, first serve.

We have already collected a backlog of highly relevant product owner topics which we have prepared material for (see below). We will enrich this with your input both before and during the workshop. Obviously we will constantly refine this learning backlog and re-prioritize according to your needs and wishes. Could it be done any other way? Of course not! Like this, we maximize the value of the workshop.

Possible topics (more can be added anytime by the participants):

- User Stories, the good, the bad and the ugly
       - What distinguishes a good user story from a bad one (what vs. how)
       - How small should user stories be?
       - Slicing techniques
       - Acceptance testing (it's still not a contract!)

- Shared Product Vision
       - What is it? (in particular the "shared" part) And why should we have one?
       - Techniques to define a vision
       - How often should it be revised?

- How to create a transparent product backlog (and why transparency is not the same as visibility)

- Epics, Features, Themes, etc.

- Responsibilities of a product owner (PO)
       - Outcome vs. output; what to focus on as a PO
       - Effectiveness vs. efficiency

- Sequencing (aka prioritizing) the product backlog

- Flow vs. utilization and the price of pushing work onto the team rather than having them pull it in

- What can/should/may a PO delegate to the team

- Long term planning
       - Roadmaps - good or evil?
       - Release planning - when and why
       - Rolling planning

- Making commitments vs. keeping your options

- Common PO pitfalls and mistakes

- The PO as a communication facilitator

- How to run good reviews

- How to maintain a high quality product backlog and how to run good refinement meetings with the team

- How to run a highly effective planning (15 minutes rather than 4 hours)

- PO’s participation in other Scrum meetings (daily, retrospective)

- Story Points vs. Hours, what is the difference really?

- Approval of done stories - yes/no/when/how

- Fixed scope vs. fixed price vs. fixed time vs. quality

- Stakeholder and expectation management (incl. status reporting)

- Story maps or multi-dimensional product backlogs (instead of just a list)

- Should the PO be available to the team all the time?

- Scaling / how to build bigger-than-one-team products
       - SAFe, LeSS, etc.
       - How to be a good "Chief Product Owner"

- Who is responsible for quality? The PO or the team? What is the purpose of testing actually?

- Aborting a sprint: When, why and how

- Continuous integration and deployment and why it matters

- A/B testing, canary releases, feature toggles, and other risk-minimizing investments

- The importance of running experiments

- How to identify potential product owners for new teams OR characteristics of a great PO

(maybe it isn't always a business guy?)

- Why product and not project owner?

- Can the PO be responsible for multiple products?

- How to deal with distributed teams

- How to measure success

- Deprioritizing and removing items from the product backlog / saying "No" is much harder than saying "Yes"

- PO politics (i.e. being able to say we-will-never-do-backlog; giving something to a stakeholder just because he hasn't had anything for a long time does also bear value)

- What is ROI and can we calculate it?

- PO tools (for keeping the product backlog, making it transparent, communicating, etc.)

- Team motivation; extrinsic vs. intrinsic

- DevOps



Your workshop facilitator will be Klaus Bucka-Lassen, a highly skilled and experienced Agile coach who has co-trained 20 CSM courses with Jeff Sutherland, Joe Justice and other CSTs, worked as ScrumMaster, Chief Product Owner, and coached whole organizations in how to become more agile.


- Certificate of participation (for your CV)

- Inspiration to change things for the better in your day-to-day job

- Your own backlog of changes that you want to implement

- An enlarged network of people who can help you achieve your goals (contact details of all participants will be shared)

Language: English unless everybody in the Class prefers German. Most material (slides, handouts, exercises, etc.) will be in English
Host: Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel, Turbinenstrasse 20, Zurich
Date: September, 21-22, 2017
Duration: 2 days. All days 9:00 to 17:00
Price: 1'750 CHF excl. VAT, incl. meals

We do not provide any refunds. What happens in case you cannot attend the course?
1) You are welcome to pass on the place to a colleague or
2) You are welcome to attend a later course in our course calendar.
Further, once a registration has been made and the confirmation email has been sent out, the price is set and can not be changed or adjusted.

This is what people say after being trained by Klaus:

„Noch nie habe ich so viel in zwei Tagen gelern“
„Klaus ist sehr kompetent, sehr praxisnahe mit viel Erfahrung“
„Super Kurs, Trainer in allen Belangen Kompetent!“
„A real eye-opener“
„Klaus kennt die Theorie sehr gut, kann aber auch aus einem Reichhaltigen Praxis Schatz erzählen“
„Grosse Fachkompetenz; Viel Erfahrung“
„Very good introduction to Scrum. Good examples. Trainer is very experienced. Topic is very interesting.“
„Pädagogisch gut aufgebaut“

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