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Agile Event - GOTO Night Zurich

GOTO Night “Scrum in small banking software company vs. big insurance company”
with Peter Geiser

Sept. 15, 2016

Free of charge


GOTO Night TALK: “Challenge Comparison: Scrum in small banking software company vs. big insurance company”

Scrum can be explained in a few minutes, so introducing Scrum into a company should be fairly straight-forward, shouldn't it? After all, you form a few teams and teach them the rules of Scrum, and on they go scrumming…

Or don’t they?

In reality, implementing Scrum very much depends on the people and the culture and history of the company. There will be promoters, but also late adapters and people outright resisting the change.

In his talk, Peter shares his experiences in implementing Scrum in a small core-banking software company (successful) and in a big insurance company (still ongoing, but looking good). He finds a lot of similarities, but also differences, some of them surprising. In his comparison, he will explain the different approaches taken, and share best practices, what has worked and what not, depending on the environment.

SHORT BIO: Peter Geiser

After becoming Scrum Master in 2010, Peter and his colleagues introduced Scrum to Legando, a small company producing core banking software. In Mai 2012, Peter reorganized Business Engineering and Development teams into cross-functional Product Teams, further optimizing team effectiveness. He was responsible for the contracts (mostly fixed-price), ensuring that the Scrum values and way of working was not compromised. In 2013, Peter completed his Scrum Product Owner certification.

In 2014, Peter joined AXA as Head Competence Center Business Engineering. His previous experience in Scrum allowed Peter to support AXA in its transformation towards Agile by sharing his experiences, holding Scrum introductions, and coaching teams. Learning about SAFe and LeSS enabled Peter to focus on scaling Scrum to a large organization. In 2016, Peter became Certified Scrum Professional.



After Peter’s talk and a refreshing break, we will return to a Q&A Lean Coffee session where you can ask our experts anything you’d like. It can be related to the topic of the presentation, but it can also be about other agile topics. JJ Sutherland is the Chief Product Owner of Scrum, Inc. and son of Jeff Sutherland, the founder of Scrum. He is the next Scrum expert and CST to take over now that Jeff Sutherland is travelling less and less. JJ is also a very experienced trainer and clearly has the talent of his father.

Klaus Bucka-Lassen is our senior agile coach who is coaching many companies and often co-training with our Scrum trainers, amongst others Jeff Sutherland.
Klaus is well-known in the local Swiss agile community and he is working with Swiss and international companies every day helping them improve their agile ways of working.


    Klaus Bucka-Lassen


18:00 Introduction by Trifork
18:05 Talk by Peter Geiser (45 mins)
19:15 Break
19:35 Q&A Lean Coffee (JJ and Klaus) (this usually takes longer than expected, but we will try and set a timeframe of 40 mins)
20:15 Networking (stay for as long as you wish)


Date Thursday, Sept. 15 2016
Time 18:00 / 6pm
Host Holiday Inn Zurich Messe
Address Wallisellenstr. 48, 8050 Zürich
Cost Free of charge – snacks & refreshments included
Speaker Peter Geiser 
Cancellation Please make sure to cancel your attendance in case you cannot come so that we do not spend more money on food+drinks than necessary. Thank you.


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