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Newsletter March: Wikispeed, early bird CSM with Joe Justice & free event with Don Reinertsen

Wikispeed's amazing 7-day sprints to build cars! 
Joe Justice uses Scrum, Test Driven Development, and distributed collaborative teams to develop modular cars in 1-week sprints! Today Wikispeed is using their successful processes to rapidly solve problems for social good. Businesses might be forced to adopt similar processes if they want to survive in today's fast-moving world. You can start with Scrum, and Joe is coming to Zürich next month to teach you all about it.

VIDEO: Check out Wikispeed

Certified Scrum Master with Joe Justice
April 26-27
For all levels 

Target audience: all levels
Early bird price: 2'610 CHF until March 17 - (Normal price CHF 2900)

You will learn by doing. At the start of the class, you will become part of a self-organized Scrum Team and through games and exercises, you will execute the Scrum roles, create and prioritize backlogs, and manage burndown charts. 
Case studies and interactive exercises teach the patterns proven to accelerate your Scrum. This participatory, interactive two-day course will teach you both the practice and the theory behind Scrum.
Joe Justice is full of positive energy and extremely valuable experience that he is eager to pass on to you!

VIDEO: Get to know Joe Justice


GOTO Night: Don Reinertsen talk + GOTO Berlin Conference Brainstorming (win free ticket)
March 27 at 18:00
Hotel Renaissance
Free of charge

We are very proud and happy to announce that this GOTO Night will be a special one. You get the chance to meet the highly inspirational Don Reinertsen AND win a free ticket for our GOTO Berlin conference by helping us shape the program.

If it is your first time, join us and meet the fantastic agile & lean community!

Don Reinertsen's 2-day course: 
The Principles of Product Development FLOW

March 27-28 
For managers in product development
CHF 2200

This course focuses on proven leverage points and specific practical methods that have helped participants achieve as much as a 90 % reduction in cycle time. This is an intensive course on practical, economically justifiable approaches for improving flow in product development. More info here.

Still a few seats left!

VIDEO: Don Reinertsen: "The Logic of Flow: Some Indispensable Concepts"