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Newsletter, January 2017

3-day Beyond Scrum Course 

 Feb. 07-09, 2017
Trainer: Allan Rennebo Jepsen, Agile Coach
Level: Advanced

The Beyond Scrum Training is for agile practitioners who are ready to take Agile to the next level. 
In this 3-day training course, you will learn how to identify challenges within collaboration, communication, mentality and vision alignment. Allan will then equip you with the tools you need to implement changes that will help the teams overcome those challenges. This course will teach you a purposeful way of working with your team rather than following Scrum by the book. This team will help mature and experienced teams execrate and improve immensely. 

Learning Objectives
- Unlock the intrinsic motivation of agile teams 
- Increase team collaboration 
- Make it fun to change 
- Make it easier to excite customers 
- Start the Beyond Scrum Journey in your organization


Certifications: Scrum Master & Product Owner
(combine and get 20% off)

Dates: CSM: Feb. 27-28 / CSPO: Mar. 1-2, 2017
Trainer: Pierluigi Pugliese
Level: Introductory/Intermediate

Pierluigi Pugliese, professional agile coach, is giving two classes in Zurich:
Certified Scrum Master: 2-day training to explore Scrum, understand how and why it works, discover the roles and their interactions and everything needed to start working effectively as a ScrumMaster with a team. 

- Certified Scrum Product Owner: 2-day course focused on how to become a great Product Owner. You will learn how to use the Scrum framework to handle your stakeholders, manage your requirements and build a trustworthy and realistic planning for your project. You will also learn how to optimally interact with the team to build the product your customers really need. 

BONUS: If you attend both courses, you get a 20% discount!
PromoCode: CSM-CSPO20


Great talk from Kate Gray: 
"The Effects of IT on Democracy"

Check out this captivating video from our conference in Berlin 2016. Learn how Cambridge Analytica works and how IT had an impact on the Brexit and Donald Trump election. 
Worth watching until the end!

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Best regards,
Bianca Legorreta & Aurelie Litynski
The GOTO Academy Team