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Elixir is THE programming language to keep an eye on!

Watch these 2 videos to know more about Elixir:

How did Elixir start?  
David Salgo, a Ruby programmer and new user of Elixir is giving an introduction to Elixir, discussing some of the things that make this language so popular among rubyists, and outlining a few of the similarities and differences between Elixir and Ruby.








Phoenix a Web Framework for the New Web by José Valim, Creator of Elixir

Free Elixir GOTO Night - Feb. 20th @ 6pm
At this first event we have invited Stefan Wintermeyer from Germany to give a short introduction to Elixir and to tell us how he used it to build an online social platform that is now his business:


Elixir 4-day Course - March 6-9th
Students will start by learning the basics of the Elixir language. Following that, the course turns to concurrency and students will learn the details of writing parallel and concurrent Elixir applications and the underlying concurrency capabilities provided by BEAM (the Erlang virtual machine). 


Elixir Goodies

Elixir Meetup Group

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