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Expat Tracker App

Living in a country and travelling abroad for professional & personal reasons?
Are you aware of the tax rules? How many days do you spend in each country per year? 
How many consecutive days?

If you need to keep track of your days abroad and provide reports for your tax return, 
Trifork has the right app for you! 

The Expat Tracker App keeps track of the countries you visit and is a great help when documenting your whereabouts to the authorities. Your location is tracked to produce detailed, accurate reports of visited countries on any given date.

This way you have a good guide in order not to violate national laws or regulations.
Travelling between countries, counting your days can soon become an issue. 
Most countries have specific rules for expats, foreign citizens, native citizens, or simply anyone visiting the country for more than a certain number of days during a certain period. Or on the other hand, living in a specific country but not actually being there for a given number of days may also be an issue. In certain situations the regulations are in your favour, in other cases the quite opposite may be the case - and in either case, keeping count of your days visiting different countries is the key.


How does it work?

Expat Tracker is an iOS app that we have used ourselves since 2011 to help us track and manage our day counts. Whenever you cross a country border, the app will notice it and store that information for you. The app does not even have to be active to do so, it does not need to be online, and it will not drain your battery.

Quick Overview: Where have you been and for how long?


Need a proof? Document your stay by taking relevant pictures

With the app you can attach whatever needed documentation to prove your stay at a give location at a given day; you simply take a picture of a hotel bill, flight ticket, gasoline bill, or any other appropriate documentation. 

Many people have different phones which they use when visiting different coun
tries. With Expat Tracker this is no problem, we merge your history from those phones to produce the correct history of your whereabouts around the world.

If needed, you can even mark a specific day as a working day to clearly state that the purpose of this visit was indeed not a family visit.
Combining that, with a photo of your hotel bill, will be the proof that may do the difference when reporting to the authorities.

Expat Tracker could and should be used as a tool to guide you and help you reconstruct your calendar if needed.

Expat Tracker works - we know, because we have been using it ourselves for 6 years!

Download the free trial today. For the full feature set including safe data storage on our server in Switzerland, you must upgrade to the full version for 250 EUR/ 3 months.


For more information, please contact Aurélie Litynski.