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Client Testimonials: See what people say about us!

Certified Scrum Master, September 2016
JJ Sutherland and co-Trainer Jonas Andersen

“Just attend. It's eye opening for someone new in Scrum" - Suradech, Proceq AG

“Good mix of theory, practice and humour! Had a very good time and learned a lot” - Nathalie, bmpi AG

“It was a great, delightful course. JJ and Jonas really understood how to talk about scrum and got the audience enthusiastic about it” - Martin, Franke Management AG

“The CSM course with JJ was enlightening and also a lot of fun. The great skill of JJ is to make it so interesting you don't notice how much information you are actually absorbing” - Elisabeth, bmpi AG

Certified Scrum Master, June 2016
Jeff Sutherland and co-Trainer Klaus Bucka-Lassen

“This course was mind-blowing to me" - Benjamin, Siroop
“I´m impressed how it helps to get things done! I’m interested in how I can change structures. The course was very much useful” - Stefan, LEGIC Identsystems AG
“The examples and real stories based on Jeff Sutherland’s experience add enormous value to the CSM Course and help to better understand the do’s & don’ts” - Edelmiro, Sunrise Communications AG
“Incredible sharing experience at the event by the creator of Scrum” - Johan, SIX Group Services
“We have been doing Scrum for over a year and I just realized that we were doing everything wrong… Now it’s time to start again applying everything I learned” - Maitane, Open Systems AG
“Now I see solutions to many challenges that I was facing at my company. It is simply great. Thank you Jeff and thank you Klaus" - Said
Certified Scrum Master, April 2016
Joe Justice and co-Trainer Klaus Bucka-Lassen

“Joe is brilliant and refreshing. You can’t sleep in this class, it’s so motivating” - Girish, General Electric
“The course is good, exciting and full of information. Many interesting theories have been introduced, which are definitely worth thinking about” - Nansha, Partners Group

“This course will be rocket fuel to the two major project teams who attented. We blast off tomorrow in the office” - Randall, General Electric
“Joe is an excellent trainer, he filled us up not only with concepts but also with real life experience” - Hadeli, ABB
“Interactive, good examples, sufficient figures to convince” - Na, Elca Informatique

Certified Scrum Master, December 2015 & January 2016 
Jef Cumps

“Great interactive course, no unnecessary PowerPoint, no unnecessary rules, Agile & Scrum in practice!” - Michal, Zürich Insurance
“I really like his interactive way of teaching. It’s great how he adapts the course to the people’s needs and input. I am glad I came for his second course” - Franziska, Zürich Insurance
“Scrum at its best” - Dani, Swiss Re
“Great knowledge about Scrum with many practical examples from real life” - Marc, Zürich Insurance