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Allan Rennebo Jepsen

Allan Rennebo Jepsen is an Agile enthusiast, DRiVE practitioner, UnBoss believer, Leadership thinker, Scrum Coach, Cultural Change Agent and probably a whole lot more. He is co-author of the Beyond Scrum Guide, and has established a series of patterns to help teams evolve beyond simply applying agile processes. 

Allan’s passion is to help businesses succeed by helping the employees to grow – both individually and together. To achieve that, he of course utilizes many different frameworks and practices – like Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc., but his main focus is always on how the changes supports the need of the employees in the best possible way.

Besides being an agile coach, mentor and trainer, Allan takes an active part in the international agile community, and is the founder of the Beyond Scrum Training program, Core Agile and Agile Copenhagen.