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<b>GOTO Night; Unplugged <br>with Klaus Bucka-Lassen and Geza Mihala</b><br>Dec. 06, 2016

GOTO Night; Unplugged
with Klaus Bucka-Lassen and Geza Mihala

Dec. 06, 2016


This GOTO Night is yours! You choose the topics.  
Please suggest your preferred Agile topics for the evening, we'll evaluate them during the night and vote to see if all topics will be relevant for everyone!

Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2016
 18:00 / 6pm
Venue & Host
 SIX F10 (Förrlibuckstrasse 10, 8005 Zurich)

Join us for this unusual GOTO Night! A night where like-minded people meet to network, share ideas and work in different ways to learn from each other. There will be no “famous” speaker – just you, us and our agile minds. 
Our agile experts Klaus Bucka-Lassen and Geza Mihala will guide you though this great evening.   


After finishing his masters degree in Computer Science at Aarhus University in Denmark 1996, Klaus (CSM, CSPO, CSP) worked as software & product developer, architect, project manager, entrepreneur, trainer and coach for companies in Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, and Australia.

Ever since he learnt about rapid prototyping back in 1991, he has been a strong advocate of iterative processes that deliver fast an early feedback. Klaus’ passion is Scrum. Klaus has helped major companies from the banking, pharmaceutical, telecommunication, and manufacturing industry in becoming more agile.



Geza Mihala is a firm believer in lifelong learning and thrives on creating opportunities for software development specialists to get together and learn from and with each other. Currently he works at the SIX Fintech Incubator F10, building innovative prototypes for the future of finance, organising professional communities and facilitating educational events. Previously he has worked in Munich and Perth, Australia as software developer, consultant and coach, and has experienced many patterns and antipatterns in development practices, agile initiatives, company cultures and more. He is also known as @infinitary on Twitter and is the founder of the Software Craftsmanship community Coders Only, organising and facilitating events such as the Global Day of Coderetreat or SoCraTes Day Switzerland.

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