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GOTO Nights in Zurich

We have 2 different kinds of GOTO Nights:
1) Design Thinking and Innovation GOTO Nights
2) Agile GOTO Nights

A GOTO Night is an evening event hosted at one of our partner offices or in one of our course locations. Almost monthly we invite speakers from our local and international network. The topics are mostly agile, in particular Scrum, showing different aspects of working agile based on their experience, both success stories and challenges.

We usually start the evening with a talk from either one of the big names or someone in our agile community who has a great agile story to share from their company. This is normally followed by a Lean Coffee session where the audience is included in asking and answering questions. Klaus is usually our moderator and we have our experts on the sideline to also answer questions. We encourage people to be brave and learn from each other.

Time: 18:00 
Location: Zürich (see page for specific GOTO Night)

GOTO Night; Unplugged
As our audience grew bigger, we realized that it might be interesting with a more practitioner-based GOTO Night. So we created the Unplugged event which takes place twice a year in collaboration with SIX. Here we have no main talk, but like-minded people that meet to learn together and from each other. Knowledge-sharing, group work, discussion and learning are key elements of the Unplugged event.

Hosting a GOTO Night at your company?
Do you wish to host a GOTO Night, or do you have a speaker for one of the upcoming events? We would be happy to collaborate around a GOTO Night. Please contact Bianca Legorreta ( for more information.