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<b>Certified Scrum Master 2019</b><br>with Pierluigi Pugliese<br>2-day public course

Certified Scrum Master 2019
with Pierluigi Pugliese
2-day public course

CHF 2,160.00 CHF 2,700.00



As a ScrumMaster you are passionate in supporting your team, a true servant leader aiming to help the people you work with achieving their best and, at the same time, you act as an organisation-wide change agent.

Scrum seems easy at first sight, but using it effectively is a much more difficult challenge: to be successful in your job you need to understand Scrum way beyond the basics in order to be able to use it in an optimal way and exploit its full benefits.

Whether you are using Scrum already or you are just planning to start with it, learning the foundations of the role is an important step in understanding Scrum and other agile methods.

In this two-day training we will look at Scrum in the context of agility, understanding how and why it works, the roles and their interactions and everything needed to start working effectively as a ScrumMaster with a team.

At the end of the course you will be able to access the certification exam of the Scrum Alliance, the biggest and best known certification body for agility. After successful completion you will be a Certified ScrumMaster with Scrum Alliance.


We run this course every time we hit the 10-people-count! This means that we do not have a fixed date for the course, BUT it also means that you will be guaranteed a smaller class. Simply contact us in case you have questions or register right away if you are flexible.

When you book the course, please note that the best option is to ask for an invoice. As soon as we have a course date and everything is finally planned, we will send you the invoice. 

The next course will take place in May or June 2019.


Pierluigi Pugliese is founder and managing director of Connexxo GmbH and active as Agile Coach, Systemic Consultant and Trainer. He has a long experience in various roles in software development organisations and complex international projects.

As an expert of Agile and Scrum he is working flexibly in various functions: consultant, coach, trainer, facilitator, etc. depending on whether the client wants to implement agile methods in just one team or spread the agile values and principles to the whole organisation.
He strives for sustained improvement in teams and organisations, making use of the best methods as suggested by his wide experience. His expertise is cross-sector and independent from hierarchical structures, spanning from consulting and coaching in top management level to single tams and individual developers.
He is regularly speaking at international conferences on agile and Scrum, especially focusing on people aspects and team interactions.

Language: English
Address: Zürich (exact location TBA)
Required no. of attendees: 10
Date: Once we reach 10 attendees, we will find a date that fits everyone
Duration: 2 days. Both days 9:00 to 17:00
Price: 2700 CHF incl. VAT incl. course materials and meals
Discounts: We do not combine discounts. This means that the biggest discount that applies to you will count. You will be able to select your discount in the cart
We do not provide any refunds when an invoice has been paid. What happens in case you cannot attend the course?
1) You are welcome to pass on the place to a colleague or
2) You are welcome to attend a later course in our course calendar.
Further, once a registration has been made and the confirmation email has been sent out, the price is set and can not be changed or adjusted.

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