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<b>Trifork Accelerate Workshop for Managers 2018 </b><br>5-day in-house training

Trifork Accelerate Workshop for Managers 2018
5-day in-house training



Many innovative ideas are brought to life every day. But often, there is a long road from idea to execution. Postponing important decisions creates frustration and demotivation because of risk of missed opportunities.

The Trifork Accelerate® approach is a shortcut for strategic decision making. During a Trifork Accelerate® workshop, the ideas, prototypes and solutions are constantly tested with real users, while bringing in our long legacy of leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

In this way, both the problem and the solution are validated by real users and software experts. Our digital design thinking process is based on lean principles, specifically made to fit the nature of modern agile software development. By combining our expertise within technology, design and business, the workshop ensures rapid clarification and decision-making.


1) Pre-Workshop

Before each innovation workshop, Trifork Accelerate®offers an insight phase – gathering specific knowledge from the stakeholders about the field of interest.

2) Workshop

The workshop consists of five stages. The line of work often cycles through these stages in an iterative fashion, refining knowledge and results at each pass, rather than following each step in a mere sequential order.

3) Post-Workshop

A budget and time schedule are delivered after each workshop. Based on the knowledge co-created during the workshop, the project is scoped in an agile way. This enables execution.


Day 1: Customer Journey

 From themes and insights derived from the field, user problem statements are created for each theme. This creates multiple relevant starting points for creative ideation. The outcome is a visual user journey that captures insights about perceived steps and observed pain points.

Day 2: Idea Catalogue

The best innovation comes from teams or groups of people who agree on a specific problem statement, but approach it from very different perspectives to combine their broad knowledge. That is facilitated during the workshop. The outcome is an Idea Catalogue. 

Day 3: Minimum Viable Product

The filtering process involves deciding what the most important criteria are for a good solution for each project. The user experience is aligned with the technical architecture and the MVP for the project is decided. The outcome is a Minimum Viable Product. 

Day 4: Prototype

The iteration activities in this phase cover rapid prototyping, focusing on the layer facing users and integrating these insights with the technical team. Trifork Accelerate® facilitates a build-test-learn-cycle, supplementing the cross functional team with prototyping specialists, designers and technologists. Co-creation is facilitated between developers and users, further enabling the technical feasibility of the desired solution. The outcome is a clickable Prototype.

Day 5: Presentation

Carefully crafting and wrapping up the story for the digital solution ensures that the insights and deliverables from the workshop are presented to the sponsor. The outcome is the Story. 


You can find our short Trifork Accelerate® brochure here.

For more information or questions please contact Kristian Dollerup who is in charge of Trifork Accelerate® in Switzerland. We are more than happy to set up a call or a meeting with you to discuss your needs and figure out how we can help.

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