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Get trained by GOTO Academy!

GOTO Academy
We offer in-house and public courses, certifications & coaching with the best trainers in our industry! 

With our large network of world class speakers and industry pioneers across Europe and the US, you will be sure to get the best training available. We are passionate about seeing people and companies grow and broaden their knowledge, so we are sure that you will leave our training courses with new angles on how to tackle those challenges you’ve been facing.

During the past 7 years our main focus in Switzerland has been Agile trainings, but taking advantage of our 20 years of training success in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin and London, we are happy to bring more of our well renowned courses to Zurich!

Our Courses
Scrum Certifications / Advanced Agile / Microservices / Machine Learning

Latest News

Public Trainings
GOTO Academy has changed the concept of public trainings: We no longer have a course list for the full coming year with dates planned. In stead, we have a general list of the trainings we offer, and when you and your colleagues register for a training, we put you in the waiting list. We then pool the course attendees and host a course when we reach the required amount of attendees to run the training.
We think this new model might be a great way of organizing our courses, and we are looking forward to seeing you at some of our next events!

Trifork Accelerate®: The newest in-house workshop for managers!
Excellent ideas without execution leads to frustration! The Trifork Accelerate ® approach is a shortcut for strategic decision making. During a Trifork Accelerate ® workshop, the ideas, prototypes and solutions are constantly tested with real users, while bringing in our long legacy of leveraging cutting-edge technologies.